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Empower Your Employees to Secure and Defend Your Enterprise

For Students

The dangers of the internet often seem like a bogeyman story, especially to students who have not been exposed to these serious dangers.

For Parents

Internet and electronic gadgets are here to stay. Banning technology for your children is like throwing away the baby with the bathwater.

Learn how you can implement parental controls and create a safer environment for them, while teaching them to be responsible users.

Graystone International’s program for students teaches and promotes cyber wellness values, online safety procedures, and healthy gaming.

Safer Children for a Safer Online Future

Cybersecurity is dependent on three prongs — People, Processes and Technology.


While many companies invest heavily in the latter two, people are often forgotten or left behind as a second thought. Unless proper training is conducted, there will always be one door left ajar for hackers to infiltrate from.


Graystone International offers information security training for employees to increase awareness and provide users the tools they need to manage and proactively respond to hacks.

Cybersecurity Training Services

Graystone International provides corporate information security awareness in an easily-digestible program that engages attendees and helps them retain information with visual aids like posters, videos, newsletters, security handbooks and merchandise like calendars, post-it notes, mouse pads and screensavers.


For a more in-depth security awareness training program, start with a cybersecurity roadshow. Graystone International will work within your budget to deliver an informative and engaging program at a venue of your choosing.


Our cybersecurity education modules covers details about the working of critical infrastructure and the most common infiltration methods so your employees can continuously learn and improve their methodologies by becoming more tech-savvy.


97% of users are not able to identify a sophisticated phishing attack, which makes it the number one delivery method for other attacks. Our simulated phishing attacks will teach you and your employees to identify phishing emails and learn proper procedures to stop them.


Graystone International offers e-learning modules on various security compliances and tailors them as per your company’s unique needs. These risks and compliances include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Corporate IT Security

  • Cybersecurity Act

  • PDPA