Graystone IT Advisory Services

Our services include the development and re-engineering of policies, standards and procedures to implement and maintain secure and streamlined business processes. Following are some of the many areas that we work on:​​​

Graystone International specializes in IT risk management, information security and risk management for SMBs. We have a focused, holistic approach to identifying possible risks, offering solutions to manage them effectively, communicating with the business about the process and proactively monitoring results. We also evaluate the existing resiliency of the business against cyber-attacks and improve the areas that need more security.


Our risk management services allow the company to have a 360-degree view of the concomitant risks to their data assets and information structure, and give them the control to anticipate threats, install safeguards and respond actively to the unpredictable cyber threat landscape.

While penetration tests, network vulnerability assessments and source code reviews are integral factors to ensuring your application’s security, they are not enough. You need have a professional team review your application and design security controls. Graystone International will work with your development teams to identify every possible risk factor and answer every “what could go wrong” scenario.


Businesses tend to work on the applications and ask for help in security once the app is developed. In their pursuit of completing the product on time, they essentially add up on the cost—and ultimately—time that is involved in ensuring that the application is compliant.


When security teams are involved in the design phase, integrating security is cost-effective, instead of retrofitting later. The latter is like building a house with only four walls and a roof, and asking someone to add rooms later.



Graystone International can assist you in the following:

  • Authorization (i.e., maker-checker) and authentication workflows 

  • Compliance and Reporting requirements

  • Other Security Requirements (logging, encryption, archival)

  • Privacy requirements

IT Governance, Risk and Compliance Advisory
IT Risk Assessment
Applications Controls Review and Design

Graystone International helps businesses plug inefficiencies in their business and business security processes and pave the way clear for revenues to flow in. We equip you with the right tools for the right market and delineate how they will work specifically for you. We have over 10 years’ worth of experience in the risk assessment, ITGRC advisory, application controls review, and design services, and are ready to work directly with you.


What makes us the best choice for small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) is the fact that we act as their support system while they can focus on selling their products and services. Services like ITGC audit and developing Go-to-Market offeringsmay not be the core business goals, but they are the essentials that help a business grow. And Graystone International is right there where needed— at a fraction of the cost.


Incident Management Framework, policies and procedures
Infosecurity, policies and Standards
Risk Management Framework and policy
IT Security process and procedures
System Development checklists, and procedures

In the case of implementing new solutions, the smarter route is to understand the requirements of current standards and compliances and ensure that the new solution does not fall short at any point. Graystone International provides independent advisory services. After we have a clear understanding of your business, security, regulatory and compliance requirements, we offer the following:

Conducting in-depth application controls analysis and requirements design against business, security, regulatory and compliance requirements
Review of pre- and post-implementation security and compliance