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Graystone International helps you improve business processes by providing clients the tools they need to maintain their edge in the dynamic markets of today. We offer ITGRC advisory, risk assessment and application control review and design services. With more than a decade of experience in the security industry under our belt, we have ample resources of both knowledge and skills to dip into and offer our clients. We work with our clients and tailor solutions as per their environment and needs.


Being a boutique consulting firm, you will be working directly with experts who are driven to offer you solutions that keep you happy— not junior employees who need to keep their bosses happier. With us, you will be the customer who can benefit from our expertise in the ITGRC, ITSM, COBIT, and cybersecurity areas.


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ITGRC Advisory

Graystone International provides an array of ITGRC and security advisory services, including, but not limited to, developing and streamlining IT Security Management frameworks, policies and standards, developing audit work programs and IT-related compliance advisory and reviews (e.g., HIPAA, IBTRM, ISOs, PDPA, NIST etc.), before and after your IT implementation.

Efficiency leaks are the major culprits that hinder a business from reaching its fullest potential. Many companies support various audits and compliance programs that overlap and conflict, but still haven’t streamlined their processes. ​


We can help. Find out how.

Infosecurity Awareness


The most important asset of any business is the data. Money comes second. This speaks volumes about the importance of information, and highlights the reason why businesses should invest in cybersecurity. Many do, but in their pursuit of installing the best fence around their business, they forget the one link that can crumble all their best-made security plans—the human factor.


Employees who are not aware of the dangers of the cyber world are most likely to open doors in your fence, effectively and unknowingly allowing threats inside your otherwise well-protected business.


Graystone International has developed the i-CYBERWISE training program for the sole purpose of educating the everyday users of the most vulnerable channels and conditioning their behaviour to incorporate safety procedures in their routine work, ensuring that your employees keep your safety net exactly that—safe. Learn about our cyber security awareness program in detail.